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The Detail Difference

Just like our name suggests, we spend countless hours on each home going over details to ensure proper flow, lighting, spacing, and many other details that make the difference. Once the job is on the ground, our team is on site daily checking and double checking for correct measurements or any other detail that might cause issues in the future. Every color and design scheme is carefully thought out by the HBD team to make sure it fits the style and design of the home. We strive daily to reach the pinnacle of a perfect home with our attention to detail and focus on each one.

Extraordinary people

The HBD team is made of extraordinary people who work to make a difference in the Abilene community. We are proud of the homes that we have built in the past for the wonderful families and constantly strive to provide excellent customer service for each and every one. Once you have purchased an HBD home, it is not uncommon to expect an HBD team member to randomly stop by or call just to see how things are going and to catch up. It’s the little things that make a difference with people and we are always willing to go the extra mile.

Priceless Pride

Homes By Design is a division of Loudermilk Enterprises. As long as our name is attached to the job, we will take great pride in constructing the best quality homes we possibly can. We were raised to know that our name is our bond so therefore, when the Abilene community thinks of us, we want them to associate honesty and trustworthiness. The dedication we have to our customers and our homes is proof of our pride. Not only do we know the families that purchase HBD homes made a great choice, more importantly, those families know they made the best choice in Abilene.

Top Quality Construction

Our well thought out plans are listed below. With each of these plans, we can easily customize the blueprints to fit your specific needs. Unfortuatley, we do not post our plans online but we would be happy to show them to you in a family meeting. We view our custom homes as a family partnership and enjoy developing relationships with future HBD homeowners. The plans below consist of our top selling plans. We do carry several other plans that range in square footage from 1700-2000.

Plan: Annalise
Square Footage: 2100
Style: Western Tuscan
Layout: 4 bedroom, 2 bath room, 2 car garage, 1 extra (dining, office, media, etc.)

Annalise Annalise Annalise Annalise Annalise Annalise

Plan: Catelee
Square Footage: 2010
Style: Contemporary
Layout: 4 bedroom, 2 bath room, 2 car garage, 1 extra (dining, office, media, etc,)

Catelee Catelee Catelee Catelee Catelee Catelee

Plan: Miller
Square Footage: 2012
Style: Contemporary
Layout: 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 car garage

Hummel Hummel Hummel Hummel Hummel Hummel Hummel

Plan: Rylan
Square Footage: 2140
Style: Contemporary
Layout: 2 story, 4 bedroom, 3 bath room, 2 car garage, 1 bonus room