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From the beginning of the process to the end, you will have individuals walking you through the process beginning with choosing a home layout to fit your needs and ending with the design of a sprinkler system. We believe is being very detailed in this process for two primary reasons.

One, it is our job to keep you on budget and to maintain a swift pace of construction. Having decisions made prior to construction allow all team members and vendors to be prepared for the different phases of construction.

Two, being detailed helps you and us understand the primary look and feel of the home. In order to help the process, all decision makers need to be on the same page once construction begins. Eliminating confusion and possible mistakes help keep the job running smooth.

Our HBD team will sit down and discuss every aspect of the construction with you. Our desire is for you to have a home that you are proud to show off to family and friends. Below are a list of materials that will be discussed:

-Plan Layout
-Shingle Color
-Exterior Trim Color
- Interior paint selection
-Cabinet design and color
-Flooring style and material
-Window style and color
-Door style
-Counter top selection
-Tile layout and style
-Brick and Stone selection
-Fixture selection
-Lighting style

We look forward to you contacting us and giving us a chance to discuss your new home. Again, we are always upfront and honest in order to help you in the process.